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We love working with Jaime! She's done family, Christmas, vow renewal, and boudoir photos. For my vow renewal it was important to have someone I knew would take the photos I wanted, because it's not a day that can be done over. It was also nice to have someone who had gotten to know my family and was not a stranger sharing the special day. Jaime is professional with the product she delivers, but is extremely comfortable to work with. I was very impressed with the boudoir photos! I had no idea what I was doing, but she directed me and showed me shots as we went along to reassure me. I never thought I would do those kind of photos, but I'm so glad I did, and I'm so glad it was with someone I trusted. And who knew it would actually be fun! We have since moved to the mainland and are due for some family photos. My husband joked that we should fly Jaime out to do them :) [:)] I think that is a huge compliment because a lot of husbands hate doing photo sessions. We do plan on coming back to Hawaii to visit and I will definitely be contacting Jaime to do our photos.

Jaime has done multiple photo shoots for my family and I. She's patient with children and was able to capture the most precious moments that we can have for a lifetime. When it came to my solo shoot she made me feel comfortable and confidant and the pics came out great! She is truly talented and professional.

Jaime is a great photographer! The entire process for my photo shoot was smooth and easy going. She made me feel comfortable and was wonderful to work with. The photos that she took were beautiful and I was very happy with how they turned out. Jamie will capture your beauty!

I have had several photo sessions done by MsJaxin and was very satisfied every time. She is very patient with children and can capture the right photo. Even through my daughter was all over the place, I was so surprise when I got the the photos back and saw my daughter smiling a big smile. When I did her boudoir shoot, it was something not in my comfort zone. She made me feel so comfortable that I can't wait for another boudoir photo shoot session. I would recommend MsJaxin Photography to anyone who wants to get quality pictures done.

Jamie has done 3 different photo shoots for my daughters. Her work is amazing, and her personality makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her, and will hire her again if we do another shoot.

MsJaxin Photography (Jaime) has done numerous photo shoots for my family. She is a natural when it comes to handling kids who just don't want to say cheese. Or, when it comes to my kids, the kids who strike a million poses a minute and she is sure to catch each and every one of them. Her turn around time is by far one of the fastest I've ever seen and she is always sure to include a copyright release so there's no hassle when printing pictures at the store. One of the things I love most about her is her punctuality. She is always on time and is very good at reading the kids. She works within their attention spans.

MsJaxin started shooting me when I was pregnant. We started with two shoots, one at the beach and a casual one. She was so accommodating and the pictures came out great! After my baby, we did a boudoir shoot in her studio. I was uncomfortable coming in but Jaime was extremely professional and helpful! The pictures were tasteful and I received my CD within a few days. Jaime also did a shoot for our family, and she did a separate shoot for my daughter at 3 months. She was patient with my baby, she tried different backgrounds, and she even got my daughter to smile! The pictures were beautiful and once again I got them in no time. Jaime's prices are affordable and you can expect to get way more than what you pay for. I've recommended her to my friends and will recommend her to anyone, any day!

Mrs Jackson is a force behind the lens! She has great people skills and can bring out your inner beauty in ways you never thought possible!

MsJaxin started shooting me when I was pregnant. We started with two shoots, one at the beach and a casual one. She was so accommodating and the pictures came out great! After my baby, we did a boudoir shoot in her studio. I was uncomfortable coming in but Jaime was extremely professional and helpful! The pictures were tasteful and I received my CD within a few days. Jaime also did a shoot for our family, and she did a separate shoot for my daughter at 3 months. She was patient with my baby, she tried different backgrounds, and she even got my daughter to smile! The pictures were beautiful and once again I got them in no time. Jaime's prices are affordable and you can expect to get way more than what you pay for. I've recommended her to my friends and will recommend her to anyone, any day!

I have used Jaime several times since 2008 in VA. She captured precious moments of my daughter during her toddler years. She also took amazing photos for my engagement photo session, which we used for our save-the-date cards and wedding guest book. Most recently, she took our family photos while we were on vacation in Hawaii in July 2012. Since I knew Jaime was living in Hawaii, I looked her up and asked her to do our family photos because I trusted her and had confidence in her ability to capture those special moments. As always, Jaime makes every effort to ensure I have the shots I am looking for. Thank you Jaime! ~The Scott Family~

Jaime has done 2 shoots for me and my family. A beach vow renewal and a memorial shoot celebrating the 10th anniversary of my grandfather's death! The photos were amazing and she got the disc to us super fast! Since then, other people in my family have used her services as well! I will continue to use her services whenever we are in the same state again! Thank you so much Jaime!!!

Jaime has done a "celebrate the skin you're in" shoot with me and she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. She is amazingly patient and has many creative ideas that turn out to be so beautiful!

Jaime has done a shoot for my daughter as well as for our family's homecoming. She is patient with small children and fully open to ideas we had for specific shots. She is able to capture every moment perfectly and creates beautiful, tangible memories. Jaime is an amazing photographer.

I first heard about Ms. Jaxin Photography from a coworker about a year ago. She had taken my friend's Christmas family photo and I was really impressed. Best part about it was that Ms. Jaxin Photography prices are so reasonable. Have you checked out other photographers' prices? Crazy! Jaime has taken photos of our family 5 times in the last 7 months! That's how great we think she is! Oh, and she has kids of her own so she understands how kids can be. She's very patient and has a great way to get them to smile and enjoy themselves. You won't be disappointed!

I want to thank Jaime for doing an awesome job on our family pictures. It came out beautiful; we love it and appreciated her taking time out from her busy schedule to meet with us when we were available. She met with us, let us jump in the car with her, drove us to a great beach, worked with our four year old son Alaka’i and made his pictures come out wonderful. I don’t know how she did it with our son but he seem to love her, help her, and work with her. Jaime simply made it easy for us to have FUN and have a great time doing it! I would recommend her at any type of functions whether it just be the family, weddings, graduations and much more. Her prices are affordable and you get great quality.Thanks to her, everyone who walks into our house and sees all the pictures absolutely loves it and wants to book her. You'll love her and thank you again Jaime!!!

To say that Jaime did a phenomenal job creating our holiday pictures would be an extreme understatement. This woman is a BEAST with her camera and is a master at her craft. Her creativity, amazing skills, and professionalism make her stand out from other photographers we have used. We couldn't have been happier with the results! The professional and laid back atmosphere that she created made it a truly enjoyable experience. Jaime was magnificent with our one and four year-old daughters, and was able to capture some fantastic shots despite their lack of cooperation. Everything was perfect, from the printed photos to the overwhelmingly friendly customer service. MsJaxin Photography is a one stop shop and we can't wait to utilize her services again!” Her work definitely speaks for itself!

Jaime has an open mind and is very flexible when working with a customer. She is willing to accomodate your ideas and poses then adds her own style and taste. If you are a fan of colors she is a whiz at touchups. She influences the photo with a bright contrast and a black and white blend, giving the picture "LIFE". If your a fan of serenity and "capturing the moment", she's skilled with fade-in/out and black and white. Then to top it all off she is very quick at posting the pictures on her website, which I really appreciate! I highly recommend her for all occassions, birthday parties, weddings, modeling, family pictures . . . you name it, she can do it!! -- April

MsJaxin is a very easy photographer to work with, with no pressure. You give her ideas, and she incorporates it instead of just doing what she wants to do. She offers many specials which helps with this bad economy which I really appreciated. She's really fast with editing and delivering photos. Awesome job!!! I will for sure use her services again. Loved my pictures!! -- Ina

I had a blast taking these pictures! I really thought that I would feel uncomfortable and stiff taking such intimate photographs, but you really made me feel at ease. You came up with really creative ideas and poses and my pictures turned out better than I ever thought they would. I got them back in plenty of time to send to my husband, who is overseas right now. I really appreciate your professionalism and the fact that you were willing to work with me around my schedule. Thank you so much!

I found MsJaxin on a local website and after looking at her site, I decided to try something different for my daughters first birthday pictures. I had been using a local "brand name" photography studio to capture the important milestones of Breanna's first year. I was paying over $50.00 for 3 to 4 sheets of pictures. Needless to say, I do not have a lot of professional pictures because I can not afford them! In addition to the price, all of the backrounds are plain white. Breanna never did well in the studio, and the pictures were always ok, but nothing to get excited about. The enhancements that they offered were always at an additional cost. While planning Breanna's photo shoot with MsJaxin, I discovered that the weather was forcasted to be bad on the day I had booked. I emailed MsJaxin and asked if it would be possible to change the date. The email was sent less than 48 hours prior to the day I wanted to change to, and she replied very quickly that it would be no problem! Once we got to the park that we were taking the pictures at, MsJaxin took a few minutes to get to know Breanna and to find out what I wanted to accomplish with the shoot. Breanna took to MsJaxin almost immediately, and she had no problems sitting still or smiling for the camera. Within 45 minutes, we had done a clothing change and taken some family pictures in addition to the first birthday pictures. MsJaxin had taken over 260 pictures! When we were finished, I paid MsJaxin the $75.00 she charges for her packages, and she told me she would give me a call in about 7 to 10 days when the pictures were ready! Imagine my surprise when I got an email 2 days later telling me that the pictures were done and I could come and get them!!! Once I got the pictures home and looked through them all, I knew I would NEVER go back to a photo studio again! There were 269 pictures in all, and at $75.00 total, that comes out to 3.59 per picture. That is not including the (well over) 20 pictures she enhanced! There is no way I could have ever found a deal like that in a regular old photo studio! I can not say enough good things about MsJaxin and the work she does. Give her a WILL NOT regret it! Virginia's loss is Hawaii's gain!

Having our pictures done by Jaime was one of the only times EVER that my family and I have enjoyed our session and was VERY satisfied with the results!! My husband whom I have to drag to go take family portraits even says he wouldnt mind taking more with Jaime ;) That was a green light for me b/c I can think of 3 occasions to already go ahead and book her lol. She was a delight and joy to work with and her rates are UNBEATABLE!! For the amount of work she does and how she does it, is amazing!! Thanks so much for our pictures, it was an awsome experience and priviledge, we look forward to taking more before you leave =] Hawaii is really lucky to have you there in May :) I'll look you up if we ever make it there ;) With 13 more years in the service....we just might! =)

I shot with MsJaxin a few times and every time was great. We laughed and had a good time. She pretty much was like a friend and we were just out having fun and taking pictures along the way. She works well with whatever she is given and makes you look just amazing. There has not been one picture from her that I have not loved. Not only have i shot with just me, but with my dog and with a good friend and she made all of us so comfortable. She works amazingly with everyone she comes into contact with and I can not wait to shoot with her again!

We have lived in the area since 2002 and I have always wanted to get beach portraits done. Finally...this summer I was able to make it happen. I LOVE my daughter's portraits. I know they will become keepsakes for many years to come. Jaime accomodated all of my wants as far as location, props, and editing. She offered many different backgrounds, poses, props, etc... I really felt like she made a genuine effort to get the pictures I was dreaming of. These photographs more than succeed my expectations and I am dying to get them hung up on our walls. I would recommend Jaime to anyone in need of a photographer and we definitely plan to get our portraits done by her again very soon. Quality work + an affordable price = 1 happy customer.

I met Jaime by answering an ad she had for photo shoots. She was very willing to meet our needs and went beyond what I expected. I have actually been in 2 of her shoots, and loved working with her both times. She has a great personality, and to say she is creative, is an understatement.Jaime is so good at what she does, she actually inspired me to go after my own dreams of photography. If I am ever half as good as she is, I would consider that to be successful.Some people never find their niche, and I am glad she has, & can't wait to come back for more shoots! The pictures speak for themselves!

Jaime is the best, most reasonably priced photographer I've ever met! She has such a natural gift for catching those perfect shots. She's very easy to work with and has found some great locations for shoots. I've had two sessions with her and can't wait for more! My daughter just loves to have "MIss Jaime" take her pictures. :)

I recently did a beach shoot with MsJaxin Photography and the pictures turned out absolutely amazing. She is very laid back and will take a picture of whatever it is you want. She also has very good ideas on poses and her editing skills on the photos are excellent. Her pricing is really really good for the quality of the pictures. I can't wait to come get more made!

I've had two sessions with MsJaxin Photography and they both have been a great experience for myself and my kids. I think I can speak for most women when I say the camera always puts on 10 unwanted pounds so you don?t like taking photos of yourself and you aim the camera on the kids only. The fact that Jaime has a gift for making you feel good about yourself made it that much more fun. I kept thinking these pictures are not going to come out right I'm going to look bad, but when you receive your photos on the cd you look at them you can see yourself and with her gifted talent to take photos they are all soooooooo good and not to mention ?SEXY?. I think that her prices are way under charged with what she does but she?s gifted and loves her job and that is what makes her so good. She takes great children photos and manages to take lots of good photos of the little ones who don?t want to take photos, like my son!I thank you Jaime and I will be using you for any photo job that I needr. Good skills, good pricing, great editing skills wonderful personality, that is what she has! Thanks JaimeLaureano Family

We have had two photo shoots by MsJaxin. She is a one of a kind photographer, who is in love with her job. I have never found anyone else to take moments in time and capture them in a picture to last a life time like she does. She is not one to skimp on taking pictures either, she clicks away at every moment she can. And those moments are the ones to capture, she makes it possible to have that. She is the photographer you want to capture your moments for sure. We will continue to use her time after time in the future.~Angela S.~

My family recently had a shoot with Jaime....and it was wonderful. We had so much fun! The pictures came out perfect. Jaime was awesome with poses and it was so causal. I have a 3 year old and firgured it would take forever to do the shoot. We were done within 30 minutes and Jaime took our playful movements and made them perfect. I show my pictures to friends and they can't believe how little she charges. Thank you're an amazing photographer! Sarah Granger

I loved my pictures and so did my husband! You made me feel really comfortable, which is not easy for me. I highly recommend Jaime to anyone who wants some great pictures with a fun photographer! I look forward to working with you again soon! Thanks so much again!!Adriana

When renewing your vows after ten years of marriage, one wants amazing photographs to celebrate the love and capture the precious moments of the day--I received this and much more from Jaime Jackson. Jaime Jackson is the consummate professional. She is creative, imaginative, and gifted at her craft. She also is receptive to feedback from her clients and goes above and beyond other photographers. We are very fortunate and thankful to have had Jaime photograph our family on this special day and I continue to recommend her to friends and family visiting Oahu as I am on the mainland. My home has many prints of her photos which I smile upon each day. I only wish I lived in Oahu so she could photograph my family many, many more times!